Coo Cathedral

This beautiful barn building is one-of-a-kind, and offers a vast blank space for you to create your dream wedding.  With beautiful exposed brick walls, and beamed ceilings, the space is light, airy and provides the perfect space for entertaining your guests.

The venue is located in the grounds of Aboyne castle, amidst forests with sheep and deer roaming around, and hire is provided for three days to allow you to set up the venue as you wish.  Nothing aside from the space is included, so you will need to think about everything from decor to catering to heating and setting up, so I do advise using a wedding planner to help you organise everything perfectly and run the things on the day.

At Weddings By Sara Jane, we offer a fixed styling and on-the-day management package, designed specifically for this venue.  With this package, we help team you with the perfect suppliers from furniture to catering, and we organise setup and manage things for you to make everything run seamlessly.  To find out more, please email


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