Tradition plays a big part in weddings.  From the Bride wearing white, to the order of the speeches and toasts. If you´re planning a wedding in Scotland, you might want to incorporate some of these ancient traditions into your ceremony:

A Sixpence in the Bride’s Shoe
A sixpence coin may be placed in the bride’s shoe to help bring her good luck. Similarly, in the Scottish Borders, a sprig of heather is hidden within the Bride’s bouquet.

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Drinking from the Quaich
Any Outlander fans would know all about this, but one of the most beautiful Scottish Wedding traditions is drinking from the Quaich (pronounced Quake).  Traditionally, the bride and groom share a drink of whisky from a silver or pewter Scottish Quaich dish (easy to buy online or borrow from your venue or celebrant), which signifies their oath to each other.

The Scottish Ceilidh
Ceilidh is a form of Scottish reel dancing, which is traditional enjoyed at celebrations and weddings.  No need to worry if you have no idea what you’re doing, as Scottish bands and DJs are well prepared to lead you and give instructions all through the dancing so everyone can participate.  You can choose a specialist ceilidh band for your wedding, or if you’d prefer a mix of tradition with pop / rock then many bands and DJs offer a mix of both. 

The Piper’s Dram
Another lovely moment in a Scottish wedding is the Piper’s Dram.  Traditionally, once all other guests are seated for the banquet, your bagpiper will pipe you to your seats (guests cheering!) and will have a whisky toast with the bride, wishing the couple good fortune before the meal begins.

Another Outlander moment here if you can all remember Briana and Roger marrying themselves with the tying of hands?  This ancient ceremony is one of the most popular additions to a Scottish wedding ceremony where your hands are tied together with ribbons to symbolise your union.  to make this beautiful ceremony even more personal, why not choose ribbons with some sentimental value?  Perhaps the family tartan or a strip from your Mother’s own wedding gown?

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One of the most wonderful things about a destination wedding is that it’s the perfect opportunity to mix cultures and customs. As wedding planners, we absolutely love it when couples enjoy all the wonderful Scottish traditions and mix them in with their own. It adds such a personal touch to the day.

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